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House wall and boundary wall


My house wall is a boundary wall between my kitchen and the neighbours driveway.

There is one small window with obscured glass  in the wall and the neigbours park their motor

caravan in front of this.  I would like to have another small pane with obscured glass to let

light into my kitchen but the neighbours object simply out of spite.  Can I put this in anyway ?

asked October 13, 2012

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Serve a Section 3 "Party Structure Notice" on your neighbour explaining your intentions. If they consent, wait two months and then go ahead, if they dissent we will appoint a surveyor (who can act for both parties as an "agreed surveyor" with your neighbours agreement or if not they may wish to appoint their own surveyor, the surveyor(s) will prepare an award which sets out how the works should be done.

Bear in mind that whilst this will get the job done, you will have to pay the surveyor(s) fee in addition to the notice cost. Have you also checked with the planning authority that there are no planning issues?



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